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St. Anne's Episcopal Church

Reston, VA

Custom Allen Organ - St. Anne's Episcopal Church
Allen Organ Installation - St. Anne's Episcopal Church

4 Manual

Custom Allen Organ


This new organ makes me so happy. It fills St. Anne’s with wonderful music. The innovative placement of the speakers, some sixty eight in all, help the organ provide wonderful support for the congregational singing. A colleague of mine described the organ as “wrapping its arms around the congregation”.

It has been designed to English cathedral specifications. This could only be possible with the use of the current digital technology, given the space limitations of our organ chamber. Most of the speakers are placed in the organ chamber as one would expect. However we also have a solo division on the opposite side of the sanctuary and an ancillary division at the rear of the altar. The organ was built by the Allen Organ Co. Their obvious expertise in the digital field, matched by the quality of their workmanship, has provided St. Anne’s with a magnificent instrument that will bring us joy for many years to come.


-David Allen, Minister of Music

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