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North Bethesda United Methodist Church

Bethesda, Maryland

3 Manual | 66 Stop | Custom French Terrace Console

North Bethesda United Methodist Church was founded in September 1956 by Rev. Richard Irving and by November had 118 charter members.  The Fellowship Hall (now called Johnson Hall) was consecrated in March 1959, the parsonage was added in June 1960, and the Sanctuary was consecrated on December 19, 1965.

When it came time to replace their 40+ year old Allen Organ, NBUMC turned to Allen Organ DC to design an instrument that would not only be used for traditional services, but an instrument that is flexible enough to accommodate the ever changing tastes of congregations as well as a blended worship service.

With this in mind, Allen Organ DC recommended a Bravura L-343DK in a custom French Terrace Console, which helps their organist conduct from the console. It was also the organ committee's request to have an absolutely beautiful console that matched the church's furniture. The organ has an oak case with rosewood keyboard and pedal sharps, rosewood drawknob stems, and maple drawknob caps and backrail rockertab overlays.

Due to the challenging installation in the "Anglican" style chambers, we designed 8 foot high decks, allowing the speakers to be installed at a high level, speaking out into the congregation, as well as a choir antiphonal system allowing for added support as well as locating the Trumpet en chamde on rear wall approximately 20 feet off the floor.

This organ was dedicated to packed house by Hector Olivera on February 26th, 2017.

Allen Organ Installation - North Bethesda United Methodist Church
North Bethesda United Methodist Church
North Bethesda United Methodist Church.
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