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Allen Vista Navigator and Navigator II

The most versatile MIDI devices available for organs

Vista Navigator™ and Navigator II™ smoothly integrate hundreds of exciting sounds with your Allen organ* in a simple-to-use, attractive design.

Allen VistaNavigator II
Allen Vista Navigator

Allen Vista Navigator™ & Navigator II™ Exclusives

  • On-screen On/Off control for each voice within a Preset

  • "Quick Edit" individual voice adjustment; all adjustments on a per-Preset basis

    • Fine Tuning for celeste and ensemble effects; 1 cent increments; 100 cent range

    • Pitch adjustment to create mutations or Octave effects; = 1/2 step increments; 2 octave range

    • Range - defines the portion of the keyboard to which any voice is assigned

    • Touch sensitivity - adjusts individual voice responsiveness

  • Smooth integration with MIDI-capable Allen organs includes:

    • Preset selection using organ pistons

    • Voice volume adjustment using organ expression pedals

  • Vast and Versatile Preset Memory

    • Operates from organ's pistons

    • 12-voice-capacity General Presets; 2 voices per division

    • Divisional Presets for up to 6 organ divisions; 2 voices per preset

    • 40 General Presets available per memory

    • 40 Divisional Presets available per division per memory

    • 40 Memory levels

    • Simultaneous view of all Preset voice assignments and their status

Allen Vista Navigator™ & Navigator II™ Features

  • Large Color Touch Screen with on-screen controls

  • USB memory stick

  • Optional Remote Control for recorded music playback

  • Hundreds of pre-recorded selections suitable for preludes or postludes

  • USB Capture Save/Load for practically unlimited Capture Memory Levels

  • User configurable settings that satisfy personal preferences

  • 128 General MIDI sounds

  • 128 Unique Allen sounds and pipe organ sounds

  • Dual Mode Digital Recorder (Sequencer)

    • Simple mode for easy single-pass recording

    • Advanced mode provides powerful multi-track capabilities

  • PC-based architecture

    • Designed for future expandability

Allen Vista Navigator Video Playback
Allen Vista Navigator Controls
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