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Christ Episcopal Church

Kensington, MD

Allen Organ Installation - Christ Episcopal Church

 3 Manual

Custom Allen Organ

French Terrace Console


Christ Church Episcopal Parish, Kensington Maryland was founded in 1898 and moved into its current beautiful structure in 1958.


Mr. Albert Russell, the consultant for the project, set about the business of designing a stunning English specification for Christ Church, Kensington which included a floating Solo Division. The five Divisions of the Main Organ using thirty-two tone cabinets are spread across three chamber locations at the front of the Church with a Choir Antiphonal in the rear Balcony.


Mr. Russell and the staff of Christ Church worked diligently with Ken Saliba, Executive Director of Institutional Sales, during the voicing of the instrument and the result is a truly marvelous English Cathedral Organ capable of delivering the greatest tenderness and moving to the stunningly grandiose. It has been a great honor to have worked with these marvelous musicians-and the result, as they both quickly say is "stunning."

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