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Falls Church Presbyterian

Falls Church Presbyterian
Allen Organ Installation - Falls Church Presbyterian
Allen Organ - Falls Church Presbyterian

4 Manual

Allen Elite Opus VI


Allen Elite Opus VI is a four-manual digital instrument of 82 stops with a 48-channel audio system and separate antiphonal division. The massive audio system integrated into the building's architecture results in an organ of astonishing clarity and dimension of sound. The English Cathedral tonal design is adapted for a contemporary American church setting. Its broad and majestic sound, solid foundation tone and ability to fill the building without being harsh or overwhelming testifies to the organ building expertise of Allen Organ Company. Elite Opus VI replaced a three-manual, 42 rank Wicks pipe organ.


The Inaugural Recital on Elite™ Opus VI at Falls Church Presbyterian featured Jeremy Filsell, Artist-in-Residence at the Washington National Cathedral. This recital was the first of a series of 2010 concerts presenting Falls Church Presbyterian's own Neil Weston, with an additional performance scheduled featuring David Lang and Neil Weston together-and Giles Brightwell and Aram Basmadjian in separate performances! The last "series concert" will combine Falls Church Presbyterian's Chancel Choir and Opus VI.

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